Theoretical framework

theoretical framework

The design development and evaluation of Mat Kilau animation for lower secondary school student

A theoretical framewok been produced to assist researchers to study more effectively. The researcher have structured two educational theories and one Instructional Design models appropriate with the studies and research. The theories and ID model choosen have been effective in the world of education. In this theoretical framework, The animation and comic of Mat Kilau is on the top level of and down into the multimedia technology tool. Multimedia technology tool is a medium or platform so that the initial production to delivery to the user media such as computer and television. To strengthen the education research pivoted two renowned educational theory will be used. The first is of Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Leaning (CTML) incorporates several concepts from both the science of learning the findings by Baddeley, Pavio and Weller. The second theory is the theory of the multi-store model of memory by Atkinson and Shiffrin. Both cognitive psychologists have managed to explain how the device and its human thought processes that occur in a clear, logical and simple. They both theory known as the theory of information processing. This theory has been widely used, including in education and computers.


To develop the animation and comics as research material, ADDIE model was used and leveraged to get the best prototype is to get the response and data from research work. This model is most often used in applying the Instructional Design in the learning process. So it is sometimes synonymous with the ADDIE Instructional Design. There are five stages in this model, Analysis, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluation. Next below the main respondents were identified, namely students, z-generation society, the Society and tourists. The focus of the study is the focus location in the gallery Mat Kilau in Pahang. There, all data will be collected and analyzed to answer the problem and achieve the objectives.


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