Differentiate theoretical framework and conceptual framework

As researchers we need an evidence to state and explain the research stages. Not only by guessing. Evidence need empirical data, whether quantitative data or qualitative data. Before understanding the theoretical framework and conceptual framework, it is necessary first to understand the abstract concepts and variables to build measurement tools will move to the operational stage of the measurement.

The study will first begin with a theoretical framework, then a new conceptual framework and the operational measurement can be insert. Theoretical can be explained through the use of theories and models appropriate studies and can explain the abstract concept study. Then the conceptual framework can be established. The conceptual framework can be described in terms of a conceptual hypothesis in quantitative research.

For example, a study on the effects of animation on children’s behavior. Theoretical framework is using the appropriate media effects theory as social cognitive theory.


Level conceptual framework is to explain the relationship between abstract concepts in the form of a hypothesis. So, the concept of television viewing effect can be explained in several forms such as the impact on behavior, the impact on the thinking, the effect on the emotions and feelings.


Usually researchers use both theoretical framework and conceptual framework. For example, rather than some theoretical studies that can form the conceptual framework used in describing some hypothetical variable selection. Whereas qualitative research is focused on the study hypothesis and variables.






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